October & December 2023 Interactive Scrum Courses

October & December 2023 Interactive Scrum Courses

Join us for a unique Scrum learning experience guided by the authors of the Croatian version of the Scrum Guide. By the end of it, you'll be ready to achieve your Professional Scrum Master I certification.

Over two days, you'll get a clear understanding of Applying Professional Scrum to your teams and organization. You'll explore its elements, practices, and principles and apply them directly as you work on a case study through a series of sprints with your Scrum team during the course. We're here to help, ensuring you leave with answers to all your questions and a solid grasp of how Scrum can work best for your teams.

Use the links below to register for one of our hands-on, engaging, in-person courses in Zagreb at the Mozaik Event Centre on the following dates:

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