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We work with organizations at all levels to introduce agility and lean processes and improve the delivery of high value quality products.
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We offer a wide range of certified and custom training courses on Agile, Scrum and DevOps for individuals and teams.
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Our expert coaches can help you (re)build high-performance Scrum development teams. They are Professional Scrum Trainers with strong technical background and hands-on experience.
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Let's work together to understand your immediate needs and discover your greatest opportunities. Asking the right questions at all organizational levels will uncover possible roadmaps for your journey to adopting Agile and DevOps.
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We can help you find the right balance of people practices, agile processes and engineering tools in order to accelerate your product development efforts and achieve continuous value delivery for your customers.
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Benefit from our expertise in implementing processes and tools to quickly bootstrap your teams and their working environment.
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Trainings and Events

Project Managers in Scrum

What is the place of a Project Manager in Scrum?

Which path should a Project Manager pursue inside/outside a Scrum Team?

Learn Scrum!

We just published the schedule for 2021 for our Applying Professional Scrum (APS) and Applying Professional Scrum for Software Development (APS-SD) courses.

WinDays 2020 Conference

Run your Business Based on DevOps Metrics and Make it Predictable Using Flow Metrics

We presented various ways of implementing predictable product development processes based on metrics

Last Professional Scrum Foundation Class in 2020

Last Professional Scrum Foundation Class in 2020. In Croatian!

The New Scrum Guide 2020 is Out!

How this affects my Scrum?

Regional Professional Scrum.org Trainers discussed the main changes in an interactive meetup.

Agilist IT Sessions on YouTube

Check Out recordings from various conference and meetup sessions delivered by Ana Roje Ivancic and Ognjen Bajic.

Continuous Delivery Using Azure DevOps Services

This intensive 2-day training course teaches software development professionals how DevOps principles and related engineering practices can be used to achieve Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Feedback, and Continuous Learning as...

Contact Us For a Private Training

Are you are looking for training related to specific topics under the umbrella of Agile frameworks, like Scrum and Kanban? Do you need to get your team's hands on more advanced DevOps practices and tools?

Infobip Dev Days 2019

Sep 14th, 2019 | Terme Tuhelj | Croatia Proud to be among the impressive list of speakers at this year's edition of Infobip Dev Days, taking place in Terme Tuhelj. Join us at talk about DevOps tools, practices and DevOps transformation experiences...

Bosnia Agile Day 2019

Oct 19th, 2019 | Sarajevo, Bosnia This year we are supporting the Bosnian Agile community at their annual Agile conference Bosnia Agile Day taking place in Sarajevo on October 19th, 2019. We'll take the stage with the impressive story of...

Global DevOps Bootcamp 2019

You Build It, You Run It! | June 15th, 2019 | Split | PICS@FESB Global DevOps Bootcamp is a global free one-day event for passionate DevOps communities around the globe. Join us in Split, Croatia to learn about the latest DevOps trends and take part in...

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Check out what we have been doing lately on our Events and Trainings page.

News and Blog

Suggested Reading for Scrum Practitioners

Check out our list of suggested articles, blog posts, whitepapers, and videos about Scrum and complementary practices

The New Scrum Guide 2020 by Agilist IT

All you need to know about the new Scrum Guide 2020.

Upcoming Scrum.org Certified Training Classes

In these exceptional times, we turned to offer virtual Scrum.org training classes. Check out our class schedule.

Impressions from GDBC 2019

You Built It, and You Did Not Run Away from It Brave teams eager to learn rugged DevOps joined the Global DevOps Bootcamp(GDBC) and added Split among 89 locations around the world where this...

Ana Roje Ivančić

Agile and DevOps consultant, Professional Scrum Trainer at Scrum.org, and Microsoft MVP

Agile and DevOps Consultant and Azure DevOps specialist with 20+ years of experience in professional software development. She believes that the right combination of agile practices and integrated tools helps teams achieve continuous value delivery for their customers.

  • Introducing agility and changing organizational culture
  • Improving collaboration through integrated toolsets and automation
  • Training and coaching for teams and companies

Ognjen Bajic

Agile and DevOps consultant, Professional Scrum Trainer at Scrum.org, and Microsoft MVP

As an Agile and DevOps Consultant and Scrum Trainer with over 20 years of experience in professional software development he helps teams and organizations deliver quality software faster through DevOps and Agile practices by using Azure DevOps and Scrum.

  • Continuously deliver high quality software
  • Achieve excellence in Scrum and DevOps
  • Optimize development processes